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The company Euclyd aims at increasing the value of its clients’ property, especially yours.


Euclyd helps you:

•    To know better your property regarding its localisation and content (plans, surveys), lists (data bank), from details (metrology) to large areas (cartography)
•    To rearrange better your property thanks to projects respecting the law and the economy obligation (joint ownership, expert assessment, land and city planning, project management for road and utilities)
•    To improve the use of your property in accordance with the current economic and legal context
Euclyd’s missions are intended as much to local authorities, to real estate developers and professionals, to private individuals and to industries.
The company Euclyd is set up in Calvados,  Eure, Seine Maritime, Somme and Oise. Euclyd works with its 90 colleagues in Normandie, Hauts-de-France and Paris suburbs. The company owns archives since 1750.

Close to its clients, Euclyd is made of a dynamic and skilled team with multidisciplinary knowledge:

•   Land surveyor
•   Topographer
•    Drawer-cartographer
•    Architect-Landscaper
•    Projector
•    Engineer   
•    Town-planner
•    Site manager
•    Housing inspector


- Topographic surveys.
- Accuracy surveys.
- Building surveys.
- Up-to-date equipment.    


Land registration - boundary delimitation - boundary marking

- Parcel plan and inventory.
- Property plan.
- Land registry.
- Boundary delimitation and amicable boundary marking.
- Boundary marking certificate.
- Judicial setting of boundaries.
- Legal advice.

Joint ownership

- Joint ownership setting-up.
- Housing inspector aid.
- Advice and management of joint ownership.
- Division by volume.

Urban planning agency

- Planning documents.
- Landscape studies.
- Urban and rural planning.
- Development financing.
- Environmental approach to urban planning.
- Entrance to the city

Operational urban planning (Building lots)

- Certificates et diagnosis.
- Floorspace utilisation.
- Constructability.
- Planning permissions.    


Engineering agency for roads and utilities

- Safety arrangements.
- Town centre, urban development zone.
- Landscaping.
- Housing development and leisure park.

Real estate diagnosis

- Surface area (the " Carrez " law, living area).
- Asbestos diagnosis.
- Gas and electricity diagnosis.
- Lead diagnosis (CREP).
- Energy Efficiency diagnosis.
- Termites diagnosis.    

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